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Fancy Cakes®  Snowmen

Makes 5 Servings


10 Fancy Cakes®1 Tube Each White & Milk Chocolate Decorating Cookie Icing
10 Mini Candy Coated Chocolates
5 Candies for Noses
Fruit Flavored Candy Twists
Black Licorice
1 Bag Flake Coconut


1. Unwrap all Fancy Cakes®.
2. Cut corners off cakes rounding them slightly. 
3. On five of the individual cakes, frost milk chocolate candies on for eyes, the candies for noses and dot frosting on for mouth. For hair, frost using white icing and flake coconut. Allow icing to set.
4. Slice licorice into coal buttons. On the other five cakes, frost buttons onto them.
5. Trim licorice into snowman arms. Slices of licorice can also be used for eyes instead of chocolate candies.
6. Stand the Fancy Cakes® with coal buttons on their sides to form bottoms of the snowmen. Frost top edge with white icing, and set the snowmen’s heads on top.
7. Push licorice arms into sides of cakes.
8. Trim fruit twists into scarves. Wrap around snowmen’s necks. Frost in place layers with frosting as shown. 
9. Top with Fudge Rounds, or even Cocoa Cremes. The final touch can be your bow.

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