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Gingerbread Reindeer Cookies

Makes 8 Servings

I ngredients:

8 Christmas Gingerbread Cookies
1 Pack Decorating Candy Eyes
1 Pack Christmas Holly Candy Sprinkles
1 Tube White Decorating Cookie Icing
1 Tube Black Decorating Cookie Icing
1 Bag Chocolate Coated Candies


1. Unwrap cookies and flip upside down.
2. Use white decorating icing to attach candy eyes and chocolate candies for noses to reindeer faces.
3. Use white decorating icing to outline reindeer ears, eyebrows and antlers.
4. Use black decorating icing for mouths.
5. Garnish reindeer with candy sprinkles by using white icing and allow to set.

Little Debbie® Gingerbread Cookies are seasonally available between Mid-October and Mid-December.


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