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Festive Fall Centerpiece

Festive Fall Centerpiece

If you are needing a budget-friendly centerpiece for your next fall party, look no more! Little Debbie fall products create the ultimate centerpiece in this fun, easy creation. No-bake and quick to create, use this piece for a standalone decoration at your child's costume party or fall office party! Using Pumpkin Brownies, Fudge Brownies and Fall Party Cakes, everyone's favorite seasonal fall products are on display for all to enjoy!

Makes 21 Servings

1 Carton Little Debbie Brownie Pumpkins*
1 Carton Little Debbie Vanilla Fall Party Cakes
1 Carton Little Debbie Fudge Brownies

12 Wooden Skewers
21 Cake Pop Sticks or 21 Decorative Paper Straws
Bat-Shaped Cookie Cutter
Fall Basket
Floral Foam Block
Basket Filler


  1. Unwrap each snack.
  2. Place floral foam block in basket. Cover foam with basket filler.
  3. Using bat-shaped cookie cutter, cut each Fudge Brownie into shape. Remove nuts if desired.
  4. Skewer brownies with wooden skewers. Place cake pop sticks over skewers.
  5. Skewer party cakes with cake pop sticks.
  6. Tie bows around each stick for decoration.
  7. Arrange each snack into floral foam, using the picture as your guide.
  8. Set out as your centerpiece, and enjoy!

Creation Tips:
*Little Debbie® Brownie Pumpkins and Fall Brownie Cakes are seasonally available between Mid-August and Mid-October.

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