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Easter Egg Brownies Chicks

Easter Egg Brownies Chicks

These spring chicks are here for an egg-cellent time! Made with three, no-bake ingredients like Little Debbie Easter Egg Brownies, chocolate icing and orange candies, everyone is sure to love these extra adorable treats! Make them for your family Easter dinner or as an after egg-hunting surprise.

Makes 6 Servings

1 Carton Little Debbie Easter Egg Brownies*
Chocolate Frosting
Orange Rainbow Chip Sprinkles

Small Egg-Shaped Cookie Cutter
Small Round Frosting Tip


  1. Unwrap brownie and using the egg-shaped cutter, cut out an egg shape for the chick.

  2. Using small frosting tip, add small dollops of chocolate frosting for eyes.
  3. Add another small dollop of icing to stick on the orange sprinkle to create a beak.

Creation Tips:
*Little Debbie Easter Egg Brownies are seasonally available between the beginning of February and end of April.

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